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Furniture Repairs

NSF Upholstery can often restore or repair furniture that at first glance appears to be destined for the skip. Broken springs, sagging webbing, creaking joints, threadbare upholstery, rips, stains and scratches; all the signs of well worn furniture that may need replacing. Before you put your favourite chair ‘out to pasture’ contact Norman and his team at NSF Upholstery on 0161 338 4273 and they may be able offer you a vintage furniture repair for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

We can restore, rebuild and repair most types of furniture; large and small - settees, armchairs, dining chairs, tables and dressers.

New springs, internal care and replacement parts, new stuffing or foam in cushions and new or repaired upholstery expertly carried out will transform even the most badly damaged furniture.

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We can match all colours and types of wood, we can repair or replace all fabrics, vinyls and upholstery; so if your furniture is suffering from:

Call Norman on 07780 335 900 for more information on his furniture repair services and return your vintage furniture to pride of place in your home.